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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Alex Morgan

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Alex Morgan

A childhood dream

What is perhaps one of the most impressive facts about Morgan is that at just 8 years old, she penned a touching note to her mother saying that she was going to be a professional footballer when she grows up. Now this may be far more realistic than what many children aspire to (e.g. superheros and spies), but still quite an ambition.

Source: cbsnews

Incredibly, the young Alex Morgan never changed her mind or gave up, and it definitely paid off. After 2 decades of hard work, she is now one of the most famous female football player inthe world.


Morgan has collaborated with a number of big brands to show young girls everywhere that believing in yourself is vital to achieving your goals (pun unintended).

For such a male-dominated sport, it’s so important to show the younger generation that your gender doesn’t define what you’re capable of. 

Being a huge advocate for women’s sports, she valiantly uses her massive social media following (2.12 million on Twitter alone) to spread positivity and inspire others.

“We have such a big responsibility because so many young girls have such a big opportunity that 20 years ago they didn't have in sports”

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