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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Cindy Gallop

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Cindy Gallop

Cindy is all about real-world sex.  Since her hugely popular TED talk in 2009, she’s been on a crusade to change our attitudes towards sex by promoting more discussion and sex education on the many varied aspects that make up a fun and healthy sex life. 

The problem is that otherwise, our views on sex can become too distorted by hard core pornography.

“Porn tends to present one world view… What I want to say, not necessarily”

Her company 'Make Love not Porn' teaches the difference between porn and reality with no judgement over what people crave or desire. The important thing is to make sure people – particularly women – do not feel pressured into performing acts they have been led to believe they should enjoy.

Cindy is an all-star, amazing Elvie woman. We are super excited to work with her in the joint ambition that all people can feel happy and confident about their bodies.

Here at Elvie, we love shouting about strong women who take action as it shows others that their voice can be heard.

Watch Cindy Gallop’s TED2009 talk here (Adult Content):