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Wonder Woman Wednesday - Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Wonder Woman Wednesday - Elizabeth Nyamayaro

The premise behind the campaign is to unite humanity and engage men to fight for equality for their female counterparts. What many people may not know, is that the campaign was the creation of Elizabeth Nyamayaro, the senior adviser to the executive director of UN Women.


In a TedTalk last year, Nyamayaro recounts a story of when she was just 8 years old, and a UN representative came to her village in Zimbabwe to feed the children. She asked the woman why she was there, and her response resonated with Nyamayaro, starting her on her journey to change the world:

“As Africans, we must uplift all the people of Africa”

The effect of the #HeForShe campaign has been astounding. Over 100,000 men committed to creating gender equality on the website within 3 days. So far, almost half a million men have joined and the numbers are continuing to grow. 

One of the many heart-warming stories that's emerged from the campaign is about a man from her home country of Zimbabwe. Feeling empowered by #HeForShe, he decided to collect all the men in his village who were abusive to their wives and put them in a ‘husband school’. The goal was simple: teach these men to respect their wives and be better husbands. 

This is just one of many examples of how HeForShe is changing the world, read more about it in this interview with Nyamayaro herself:

As if that wasn’t enough, Elizabeth also founded the charity Africa IQ, an organisation dedicated to help economic growth and stability in Africa. The aim is to “create and Africa beyond aid”.

Witnessing the AIDs pandemic was a major influence in her life ambition to improve world aid. By seeing both the benefits and shortcomings of aid across the continent, it gave her better insight into how best to disrupt the status quo.

And disrupting it she is! Elizabeth's message is clear, and the results are remarkable.

“It is not our gender that defines us, but ultimately, our shared humanity”