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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Serena Williams

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Serena Williams

Although tennis is definitely what most people associate with the star, she’s also very well known for her style and bold fashion choices (on and off the court). After a number of high profile collaborations with the likes of Puma and Nike, Serena took the somewhat inevitable step of launching her very own brand in 2003, Anares (‘Serena’ backwards).

Here are a few lesser known facts about our idol Serena Williams:

She’s a certified nail technician.

In 2010 Williams was set to bring out a new nail collection with HairTech so in preparation for the launch, she decided to adopt yet another skill.

Williams is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador 

Perhaps one of the lesser known parts of Serena’s life is her extensive work with non-profits. Her Serena Williams Foundation not only provides university scholarships to students in the US, but has also helped provide education to children in Kenya. Serena launched the Schools for Asia campaign when as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador back in 2010, and has supported projects throughout the world.

Serena’s compassion is clearly as strong as her backhand, and her generosity appears to be limitless.

She is the highest earning female tennis player in history

The number of records this woman has broken is immense, and those wins have contributed nicely to her bank account. Being one of only four women in the top 10 highest earning tennis players of all time, she places 4th overall, narrowly overtaken by Raphael Nadal, and beating no. 5 by almost $30m.

She's the first black female athlete to grace the cover of Vogue by herself

In 2015 Serena Williams became the first black female athlete on the cover of Vogue. Of course Vogue is hardly the only magazine cover lucky enough to host the tennis queen; New York Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Style, Essence, ESPN, Ebony… Pretty much every major publication has managed to get her on their cover.

Serena Williams stuns on the cover of @NewYorkMag's fashion issue.

— Maggie Coughlan (@MaggieCoughlan) August 10, 2015

"I don’t ever want to stop” Congrats to @serenawilliams on her @Wimbledon win! @voguemagazine

— Condé Nast Library (@CondeLibrary) July 11, 2015


Serena is multi-lingual

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that Serena speaks so many languages, after all, she’s spent her career jet-setting around the world winning tournaments. Twice now Serena has given her on-court interviews at the French Open completely in French – capturing the hearts of not only French native speakers, but the rest of the world too.

Her talents are truly endless; athlete, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, role model… Evidently, there is nothing this woman cannot do.