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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Ruchi Sanghvi

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Ruchi Sanghvi

The tech world is well-known as being particularly male-dominated. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as more and more women are changing the state of the industry. One woman in particular is taking the world by storm.

Early Career

At just 33 years old, Ruchi has had a career most people could only dream of (both men and women alike). She left India to study electrical computer engineering, and after graduating in 2004, went straight to work for Oracle Corporation.

Making History

The first version of the News Feed was one of Ruchi’s first projects when she started at Facebook in 2005, where she went on to lead the development of the Facebook Platform. After being at the company for 6 years, Ruchi was awarded the “Best Engineering Leadership Award” by TechFellow in 2011.

As if her work at Facebook wasn’t impressive enough, Ruchi went on to become the Vice President of Operations at Dropbox, after they bought Cove – a company she had created.

Ruchi Sanghvi is now a highly respected investor and consultant for Silicon Valley, proving the value of hard work and determination. Her mission is to break down the standards of the industry to provide opportunities for those who would otherwise have none.

“Always ask yourself—when you’re doubting something or you’re afraid of something—ask yourself the question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” and do that? I say this because, for every decision in my life, everybody told me that I was a fool.”

Check out her talk at the Female Founders Conference 2015: 

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