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Getting real for National Breastfeeding Month

Mamas, it’s about time we got real – #BreastBeReal, in fact. There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ breastfeeding journey – it’s a mix of love, work, and (sometimes) leaking. So, for National Breastfeeding Month, we're shining a spotlight on all the ups, downs, and downright hilarious moments that come with feeding.

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Giving mamas the support they deserve

From coping with breastfeeding anxiety to nutritional tips on postnatal depletion – we’ll be offering ongoing support, collaborations, giveaways, and resources across our channels. 

We’ll also be updating our blog regularly with topics to help every stage of your breastfeeding journey, including stories from some of our own Elvie insiders and colleagues.

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Share your breastfeeding story with us

Whether it’s calling your milk the ‘golden drip’ or how you cope with chapped nips – we want you to share the details of your breastfeeding journey with us. We know that every journey is different, and every journey matters.

Use the hashtag #BreastBeReal on our Instagram.

Share your breastfeeding story with us

Virtual Clinics you'll want to latch on to

Every week on IG LIVE, we'll be hosting Virtual Clinics lead by some of the biggest names in breastfeeding. Whether you want to get back to basics or learn how to be a pumping pro – you won't want to miss these.

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Honoring Black Breastfeeding Week

Starting August 25th, we will be honoring (and celebrating) Black Breastfeeding Week.

This year’s theme is ‘Revive, Reclaim, Restore’, and this serves a powerful purpose – especially when we consider how little support Black breastfeeding moms and parents receive. Black mothers have the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the country, with many factors contributing towards this immense challenge, including pressure to return back to work too soon, systemic interference, and racism.

Working to elevate the voices of Black mothers

For any progress to be made, we need to take action and keep the conversation going. That's why we're helping shine a light on the crisis of Black maternity and reproductive health this month.

We have partnered with a number of organizations and advocates to bring you digital events across the week.

Kicking off with an IG LIVE on August 25th: 'The importance of doulas and Black breastfeeding', we have also teamed up with Mama Glow to bring to life a webinar in honor of the initiative.

Working to elevate the voices of Black mothers

Spotlight On: To Thrive, Not Just Survive: The Crisis of Black Maternity

Author Coni Longden-Jefferson has written an article for Black Breastfeeding Week, examining the plight of healthcare for women of color in the USA and what steps we can take to build a safer, more inclusive system for all.

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Spotlight On: To Thrive, Not Just Survive: The Crisis of Black Maternity

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20 months of breastfeeding this little man, and no signs of stopping anytime soon.


Officially a new woman with @Elvie.


In order to reduce my milk supply successfully while also keeping it going so that I can do a nighttime feed for Jax I’m pumping & dumping with my @elvie during the day! This gadget has become my boobs best friend, no more feeling like a cow, it gives me freedom, independence


?I make milk. What's your superpower??


We took our first trip with Lily to Zion national park. Thanks to @elvie I could pump on the go. Lily got to eat and get take out!! My Elvies fit in, they look like dinosaur eggs!!!