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Mamarick, get in here

When it comes to breast milk, mom and baby deserve the best-of-the-breast. That’s why Elvie swooped into the world’s biggest technology show in Las Vegas, CES, to give working moms a helping hand. Our team was flown by their pilot Mamarick on their very own chopper, Mammary One. 

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It’s plane crazy that women have had to wait until 2020 for this!

It’s no secret that CES has a notoriously shoddy record on gender diversity - from robot strippers to scantily clad ‘booth babes’ (thankfully now banned from the show floor). CES might be happy to keep the issue of lactating mothers on ice, but Elvie isn’t. We’ve set out to keep the precious breast milk pumped at CES from being wasted. 

Pump. Store. Send. 

Elvie and Milk Stork have joined forces to bring a Milk Concierge service to CES, helping new moms keep their milk fresh. Moms at the show can pump in comfort in Elvie’s Pumping Parlor*, using whatever pump they choose, or call a Milk Runner to pick up their milk. Next, it’ll be stored under lock and key and/or safely delivered to their home. A Milk Shuttle is also available to collect milk or transport moms to Elvie’s stand to pump.

*Find Elvie’s Pumping Parlor at Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, Booth 44960.

If you need your milk collecting at CES drop us a tweet or tag us on Insta @elvie and we’ll come running!

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