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Not for cows.

100%*(ish) of women who breast pump feel like cows. But not if you're an Elvie woman. Take Hannah, our killer dancer and Elvie Pump user.

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More than a milk machine

You're a pumper. You're a feeder. You're a milk magician.

But that's not all. So shake off those tubes and untether yourself from the wall.

Now you can make milk while you make calls. While you make lunch. Or while you make someone's day. It's time to feel less dairy cow and more proud pumper.

This is pumping. Unplugged.

It's time to cut the cords

Free your hands.

Small, light and wearable - Elvie Pump tucks discreetly inside your bra, so you can get on with your day.

Free your hands.

Pump in peace.

Elvie Pump is the world's first silent electric breast pump, making it easier to focus on other things while you pump.

Pump in peace.

Save precious time.

No cords, no tubes, no wasted time - Elvie Pump has just five parts to clean and is easy to assemble.

Save precious time.

Stay in control.

Use the app to control the pump, see real-time milk volume and track your pumping history, without ever reaching into your bra.

Stay in control.

Fits in your bra, and your life

Pump on your own terms with Elvie Pump.

No one will know it's there unless you tell them.

Wearable. Silent. Hassle-free. Smart.

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The downside of leaving a 4 month old ????


Pumped like a boss at the gym today. Thank you @elvie! #roboboobs #mumatron #happymummy #happybaby #gymtimebaby


In order to reduce my milk supply successfully while also keeping it going so that I can do a nighttime feed for Jax I’m pumping & dumping with my @elvie during the day! This gadget has become my boobs best friend, no more feeling like a cow, it gives me freedom, independence


?I make milk. What's your superpower??


We took our first trip with Lily to Zion national park. Thanks to @elvie I could pump on the go. Lily got to eat and get take out!! My Elvies fit in, they look like dinosaur eggs!!!