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I can't connect my phone or tablet to Elvie Trainer

1) Please charge Elvie Trainer again, making sure it is pushed firmly to the back of the carry case and that the optional cover is removed. Elvie Trainer needs to be placed in the case as per the illustration on page 3 of the instruction manual, then the case must be closed. Elvie Trainer needs to be charged horizontally on a flat surface - the light on the front of the carry case will come on until Elvie Trainer is fully charged, at which point it will turn off to indicate Elvie Trainer is ready to use.

2) Turn the Bluetooth on on your phone, remove Elvie Trainer from the carry case and follow the steps in the app to connect. If you have a phone cover, remove it to enhance connectivity. Make sure you squeeze Elvie Trainer for at least five seconds in your hand when trying to connect.

3) If you are having difficulty connecting in the normal way through the app, tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the app then 'Elvie info'. If your Elvie Trainer is not connected there will be a 'Scan' button. Tap it and give your Elvie Trainer a gentle squeeze in your closed fist for five seconds, with the tail remaining outside. Release, and squeeze Elvie Trainer for a further five seconds. When the word 'Elvie' appears on the screen, tap it and you will be connected- this may take up to 20 seconds so be sure to continue squeezing Elvie Trainer gently.

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