Two new breastfeeding solutions. Explore now ⟶

October 2020

Revolutionary femtech brand Elvie just dropped two genius new breastfeeding products


August 2020

Tania Boler Is The Woman Behind The Most Revolutionary (And Discreet) Breast Pump To Date

British Vogue

May 2020

an essential part of my weekly self-care routine


April 2020

Compared to traditional pumping methods, the Elvie Pump is groundbreaking


March 2020

Female sexual health problems are shrouded in shame, but these new intimacy products are here to help


November 2019

Elvie Breast Pump: The 100 Best Inventions of 2019


December 2019

Elvie (Pump) can be worn at home, at work, on the subway or on a plane because it’s seriously so discreet!

The Tot

October 2019

The British start-up has become a poster child for the rise of femtech


July 2019

Elvie's wearable breast pump feels like breaking out of jail


June 2019

The Elvie Trainer is part of a British start-up run by Tania Boler that is creating a massive — I can’t help it — buzz in America

The Times

June 2019

Urinary leakage affects millions of women, who have often suffered in silence. That may change with Elvie, a new way to strengthen the pelvic floor

The Guardian

March 2019

Elvie raises $42M to become the go-to destination for women's health


November 2018

Elvie Trainer has become a cult product


August 2018

NHS strikes a deal to allow millions of incontinent women to control their embarrassing leaks

Mail Online

August 2018

Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UK’s NHS


August 2018

Elvie bags partnership to roll out flagship product to NHS

City AM

November 2017

One-stop-shop for a Herculean pelvic floor


December 2017

You get measurable results - and you can feel that too!

Little Years

November 2017

Worth investing in now

Metro UK

December 2017

This is a gift your best friend deserves. Actually, put one in your cart for yourself, too.


December 2017

Elvie was creating a whole new category of devices that had never existed before