Written by Sarah Mansell Published on 7th December 2021 Updated on 23rd May 2022

If ever there was a moment to show your mom how much she means to you, Christmas is it. She does everything for everyone else for the rest of the year (and is probably cooking Christmas dinner for the five thousand, too) so make it clear how grateful you are with a thoughtful gift. Here are 10 unique gift ideas for mom that will guarantee smiles on Christmas morning. 

Handmade = happy mama

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your mom happy at Christmas. Something you’ve made yourself will definitely mean more to her than something expensive, so use your imagination. You could make her a Christmas decoration, paint a mug for her, or even have a go at jewelry making. It’s the thought that counts remember. 

Make a DIY voucher

Make a personalized promise to your mom and do something for her that you know she’ll appreciate. You could give her a coupon for doing the washing up, the ironing, or getting her breakfast in bed. Then she can cash it in when she’s having a tough week. 

The gift of pampering

Whether she loves giving herself an at-home facial or can’t resist a bubble bath, find a hamper of pampering goodies that she’ll be able to spoil herself with. You could buy a ready-made one or make one yourself full of all her favorite products. And if you really want to pamper her, get her a voucher for a spa day or treatment. 

Food, glorious food

If there’s one type of gift you can guarantee that everyone will love, it’s a food-based present. Whether that’s a hamper of all her favorite goodies or a voucher to her favorite restaurant. New moms will definitely appreciate some pre-cooked meals, too. It might seem like a weird gift, but there’s not much more exciting for a new mom than knowing that there’s a good, wholesome dinner in the freezer. 

Jewelry is always a good idea

Something sparkly is guaranteed to make mom happy. Whether that’s a little locket, a personalized bracelet, or some heart-shaped earrings. We promise you they’ll be treasured now, and for Christmas’s to come. 

Photographic memories

Make a photo book of all your treasured moments. You can do it online or take it back to the old school and create a scrapbook. You can add keepsakes like plane tickets and receipts that will remind you of happy memories. 

Make a donation

Whether she’s an animal lover, passionate about the environment, or wants to make a difference in a young girls’ life, you could donate to a cause she cares about, or sponsor something in her name. Some great examples are the Oxfam unwrapped initiative, WWF Adopt an animal and the Guide Dogs Association. 

Make some new memories

Spending time together is the best gift you can give, so buy her a membership to something that you can enjoy together. The National Trust, English Heritage, and RHS all offer annual membership options which will give you the opportunity to hang out together throughout the year. 

Let her choose

From her favorite shop to her favorite hotel, buy her a voucher for something then she can choose what to do with it. You might know your mom better than anyone else, but there’s nothing worse than buying her a gift she doesn’t need. So let her pick and she’ll be sure to end up with something she loves. 

A gift that lasts all year

At Elvie, we’re big fans of subscription boxes because it’s a thoughtful gift that lasts all year. You could buy her a subscription to a magazine, a bookseller, flowers, or cupcakes. Choose from 3, 6, or 12 months subscriptions and she’ll be happy right up until next Christmas. 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts

While it’s a bit of an overused phrase, it really is true. When it comes to getting mom a gift, it actually is the thought that counts. Sometimes a simple handwritten card is all it takes, and remember that whatever the size of your budget, there’s always going to be something you can give her that she’ll love.