Written by Sarah Mansell Published on 20th October 2021 Updated on 23rd May 2022

Becoming a mom is daunting, to say the least, and while a personalized present or a thoughtful gift isn’t going to get her newborn to sleep, it will remind her that you’re thinking of her and hopefully put a smile on her face when she can probably barely find time to pee alone. 

Whether she’s a first-time, third-time, or even fifth-time mama, these are the best gift ideas for new mothers. 

Pamper yo’ self

Nothing feels more luxurious when you’re a new mom than having 45 minutes to yourself in the bath to indulge in some self-care. OK, maybe a night of uninterrupted sleep, but let’s be realistic here. Bubbles, candles, and a slathering of body butter can make you feel like a new woman, and the beauty of giving the gift of a pamper kit is that there are plenty of pre-made ones available to buy containing lots of lush products. Or for an extra special pamper kit you could combine a few of her favorite bits – like her favorite face mask, her most-loved bath oil, and a scented candle – and make your own. 

Skin deep

The body undergoes immense pressure throughout the duration of pregnancy and this can take a toll on the appearance of the skin. These changes should be embraced as an indication of the journey mama has embarked on, but a little bit of self-massage can do wonders for your body confidence. Try a rich moisturizer or an indulgent eye cream. 

Catching Zzzzzzzs

Sleep? Don’t even know her. It goes without saying that new moms experience sleep deprivation and quality is definitely more important than quantity when it comes to shut-eye. So a present that says ‘you must be exhausted, but these might help’ is thoughtful and useful. Try a lavender pillow spray, a silk pillowcase, or a subscription to a sleep-related app like calm. 

Food, glorious food

It’s so important that a new mom is sustained during the first few weeks and months of motherhood. This can be achieved by munching your way through loads of nutritious, vitamin-rich foods (and cake, too). Recipe boxes like the ones from Hello Fresh come with all the essential ingredients required to make easy yet delicious meals, removing the time and effort required for meal planning and grocery shopping. Hallelujah! 

I’ll bring you flowers

If you want to get a gift that lasts beyond the first week, try a subscription to some flowers. Every month a fresh bunch will land on her doorstep and act as an immediate pick-me-up. 

But first, coffee

More often than not, we embark on motherhood with bright eyes and a bushy tail, not entirely sure of the road that lies ahead. It’s often the case that the initial energetic outlook is quickly diminished by lack of sleep. More sleep is simply not an option with a newborn and so we have to be creative with how we sustain ourselves. Cue the coffee machine and its wonderful energy-enhancing properties.

Comfort is key

A lot of new motherhood involves hanging out with your baby at home so something to keep mom comfy makes a great gift. First up we have oversized shirts and cardigans that will trick her into thinking she never even got out of bed. Next, we have pajamas. We recommend opting for satin or silk pajamas for optimal softness and comfort, and they even regulate body temperature. Lastly, we have the humble slipper. A pair of chic slippers will take her from the due date to her little one’s first birthday. 

Mom and baby bracelets

If you’re looking for a gift with a more personal tone, a matching mother and baby bracelet set is the perfect touch. It is a keepsake that can be cherished by both forever as an indication of their lifelong bond. We recommend sterling silver or gold to prevent a reaction on the baby's sensitive skin. 

Remember every second

One of the biggest comments from mothers years down the line is that their child’s early years went by in the blink of an eye. It’s important for parents to relive these moments and one way in which they can do that is by keeping a memory book to document all of the key moments so that they are never forgotten. These can be personalized with names and designs and will often include pages specifically for key milestones such as the baby’s first words. You could also get her a Polaroid camera so she can take snapshots of her baby. 

Gift vouchers

If you’re struggling to pick a definitive gift then you could consider the gift voucher route. Whilst they do require some personal insight there are a number of different options you can decide on. Some of our suggestions include; restaurants, spa days, theatre tickets, or a membership to a local park or other attraction. 

Give the gift of time

Whilst it’s a lovely gesture to buy a new mother a gift, it’s important to note that gifts can come in many forms. A physical gift is not the only option. We have some ideas for non-physical gifts which we’re sure will be appreciated. Offer to help with looking after the baby or lend a hand around the house, doing some cleaning or cooking. Even the simple act of offering to run errands like food shopping can take a load off. 

A final word on the best gifts for new moms

You don’t have to spend a fortune (or any money at all in fact) to show that you care about your friend who’s just become a mama. These ideas prove that it’s truly the thought that counts.