Published on 20th January 2015

There is much more to feeling good about ourselves than the often unrealistic promises we make on January 1st. Happiness lies in how we treat our bodies in the long term. We don’t have a problem remembering to brush our teeth twice a day because it’s just part of our routine -- an investment in our future wellbeing. Now imagine how much better we’d feel if we approached exercise in the same way.  

Strengthening and toning your pelvic floor only takes just five minutes a day. If you have never done this type of workout, use the January “reboot” to get started. In about the same time it takes you to brush your teeth, you can unlock the benefits this hidden powerhouse of strength has in store. Who wouldn’t want stronger back and abs, better sex and more control in 2015?

Last year was an incredibly exciting time for us here at Elvie, and as we settle into the New Year we’re keen not to lose sight of our core belief. A woman’s confidence in her body is not about how far into dry January she can make it without a glass of wine. It is about small adjustments that last a lifetime.