Published on 24th March 2022

Listen up ladies, we’re sayin’ it loud and proud: women’s bodies are amazing. And just in case our message wasn’t clear enough the first time, we’ve teamed up with an incredible group of women who are willing to share their stories. 

Join us behind the scenes of our latest Smart Bodies video shoot and meet some of the remarkable women who share the struggles they’ve had to overcome.

If you’ve seen our Smart Bodies video, you’ll know we worked with multi-genre music artist and mama, Eva Lazarus, to dismantle the narrative that women—  and their bodies— are anything but amazing. We also wanted to champion the complexities of women’s bodies and womanhood at different stages of motherhood, which is why we chose this diverse mix of models and dancers to bring our vision to life.

Without further ado, here’s our behind the scenes video where we talk everything from body acceptance to breastfeeding in public and our ability to bounce back, no matter what comes our way.

Alongside Eva Lazurus, we got to know Ava, Rebecca, Patience, and Jasmine— all exceptional women who’ve suffered negativity in the past around their bodies.. 

“Full body acceptance for me was when I stopped trying to be someone else, stopped comparing myself to others” says Ava, whose pregnancy helped her embrace her body. “This is the body that’s carried me through everything, it’s given me my son.”

“When my body wasn’t accepted… I would probably say when I was about nine years old in dance class wearing a leotard” explains Rebecca. And it’s not just in her younger years that Rebecca felt rejected by society, during pregnancy she also felt unheard. “Being a black woman sometimes I felt that I was quite dismissed when speaking to doctors when I was having Millie… I feel like there is a stereotype about women and specifically black women when giving birth.”

Now, much like Ava, motherhood has shown Rebecca just how smart our bodies can be. “The milk that I produce can change day to day to give Millie what she needs… it’s really amazing to watch how that changes.” 

Charlie Harlow, Elvie Marketing Executive, tells us a bit about what it felt like to be on set during filming, “The energy on the Smart Bodies set was electric because every woman resonated with the campaign mission. Like all women, each member of the cast had experienced their body being judged and disrespected and had worked to think about their bodies differently.” 

“It’s safe to say it wasn’t only the dancers moving to the smart bodies anthem. We all got involved off-camera. Also, some members of the cast had their young babies on set and Rebecca proudly breastfed as part of the campaign. It was strictly a no-shame zone, with a sense of comfort, pride and sisterhood,” adds Charlie.

Between the toe-tapping, laughs and babies happily hanging off boobs, we took some time to talk to our superstars individually about why this campaign was important for them and why they wanted to be part of it. 

Like many women, Ava’s son’s birth story didn’t go quite to plan, ending up with him going straight into neonatal care when he was born. She tells us about her experience and how smart tech like Elvie Pump meant she was able to stay by his side.

“My son was diagnosed with a heart defect, so we knew when I gave birth to him, he was going to go straight into neo-intensive care… and he would be having surgery very soon. We were told breastmilk is the absolute best thing for your son… so it was really important to me to be able to breastfeed him.” 

Sadly, once her son was born, Ava was unable to breastfeed him. Straight away, her partner went out to buy her an Elvie Pump so that Ava could sit by her son’s bed and express her breast milk. Tearfully, she tells us “I didn’t like to leave him, I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t there.” Luckily, her hands-free pump meant she was able to stay by his side until he was able to come home. 

Without smart tech like wireless pumps, Ava’s experience would have been very different.

At Elvie we think our biology is incredible, which is why we create smart tech to support it. Smart tech for smart bodies. 

For more information about our smart tech, check out our breastfeeding range