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How to check your boobs

How to check your boobs

Do your bit, check your tits

We know you’ve probably worn a face mask more than you’ve worn a bra this year – but people, you need to keep in touch with your boobs. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’d be lax if we didn’t ask anyone with breast tissue (i.e. everybody) to cop a feel. 

There’s no right or wrong way – all you need is your boobs, your hands, and some handy pointers. 

Check out our guide below for checking your breasts, because early detection is key. You can do this standing up or lying down, with many people preferring to check their breasts in front of the mirror or in the shower. 

Grab life by the boobs – it can save it

1. Start by looking at your breasts in the mirror, and look for anything that might seem ‘unusual’ to you. That can include breasts that aren’t their usual size, shape, color, or any visible distortion and swelling. 

2. Life one arm above your head, and with your other hand lightly massage your breast in a circular motion. Keep your fingers flat and closed together, then apply gentle pressure. 

3. Cover your hand over your entire breast – from top to bottom, and side to side. Don’t forget to also feel around your collarbone and armpit, as those also include breast tissue! 

4. Just like when you had a visual exam in the mirror while massaging, you need to look out for any abnormalities – like lumps, thickness, soreness, or noticeable changes to your skin texture. Breast tissue is naturally a little ‘lumpy’, so it might take some time to get fully acquainted with how your breasts typically feel. 

5. Repeat this process once a month, it should only take a few minutes.  If you’re a female, this will ideally be a couple of days after your period ends. It’s totally normal for your breasts to look and feel different throughout your cycle, so it’s advised to wait when you’re not menstruating. 

Like we’ve said, there’s really no “right” way to check your breasts, just give them a thorough check (to quote The Notorious B.I.G., “rub your titties”). The most important thing is to examine regularly enough that you know what’s normal for you, to notice any changes listed above.  

For more information about checking your breasts or if you think you’ll forget to check them regularly, CoppaFeel has free monthly text or email reminders to help keep you on track. Now go forth and get acquainted with your tatas.