Published on 29th December 2015

With such a successful career and a beautiful young son, we wanted to know where Kristin's journey began and what motivates her to such excellence...

Your Story 

You’ve been doing yoga since before it became mainstream, what do you think was the key to its popularity?

I think it’s the fact that yoga truly is such an amazing opportunity to work out in a mindful way. It really starting gaining popularity with the rise of the internet and I think people needed to reconnect to themselves and really find a way to be present and focused. Also, the results are not only mental but you do see such an incredible difference in your body, muscles, flexibility and overall health.

What have been the biggest struggles, and biggest rewards of your career so far?

Biggest struggles? I really can’t name too many! I am one of those super lucky people to have found a job I truly love. I think the biggest struggle lately is balancing out my work and time with my son who is the love of my life. Before Timothy was born, I just worked a lot and loved it all. Now that I have a two year old, I find it’s harder to balance my career and even getting in my own workout and yoga practice.

Do you remember the first class you taught? How would you say your relationship with yoga has changed since then?

Yes! It was at a gym and I was very nervous. I ended up pretty much copying another teacher’s class that I had taken and using her flow and sequences mostly. I also played music. In the beginning I think you almost have to imitate and do what you’re learning. Now I only teach from my heart and my own practice, and I weave in other experiences I have from the classes I take. I also don’t play music anymore. I prefer the students listen to their breath.


What’s the biggest myth you hear about yoga?

That you have to be flexible to do it!

What’s the most common question you get asked about fitness?

How do you make the time for it and where do you start?

Where do you do your kegels?

I often do them after a yoga practice since I feel very connected to my body at that point. I also do them when I practice Pilates.

What was your New Year’s Resolution last year and did you manage to stick to it? Do you have any this year?

I usually don’t make a resolution at New Year’s; but constantly check in daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and make a note of things I want to work on. I think it’s silly to pick one day and make a drastic plan. It’s a daily practice and all of the little things add up. My main goal is to be more present in all the things I do and to find better ways of communicating with the people I love.

Your Motivation

Who inspires you?

My mom, my two favourite yoga teachers, my son, women who go after their goals and don’t give up.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

That I have an inner smile and am beautiful on the inside! 

What do you love most about your body?

That it gave birth to my son who has changed my world. I also love that it tells me exactly what I need to know and supports me through everything I go through in every stage of life. I love my body!

Check out Kristin's amazing fitness videos on her website and , perfect to help you keep your New Year's Fitness Resolutions.