Published on 21st October 2020

Elvie Curve

It’s intuitive to use 

“It just felt so intuitive to use. Just attach, press, and go.” 

Natural suction should be exactly that – natural. That’s why our engineers designed it with soft-touch silicone and variable suction that you control through your top – all you need to do is press the Pouch. If the suction generated feels uncomfortable, just gently press the Valve to open it and release any pressure. 

It’s possible to express up to 120ml of milk without any ‘active’ pumping. And when you’re finished, it’s easy to decant without spilling any of your precious breastmilk. 

Hit the town, mama

“For my first dinner out post-baby, I took Elvie Curve out with me and put it in my handbag. That means I can jump on a train when she was normally having her supper!” 

So, whether it’s the boardroom or baby’s room – there isn’t another manual product on the market which enables you to discreetly express while out-and-about, so it no longer feels like another thing on your to-do list.

It’s an ideal choice for managing your milk supply with next to no effort wherever your day may take you. And if you need to clean it while you’re out, you just wash the parts with clean, soapy water before rinsing thoroughly. 

Don’t worry about a wriggling baby

“The design of the breast pump is exceptional – so much better than a traditional Haakaa.” 

Because you can wear Elvie Curve discreetly and comfortably in-bra while you nurse or pump from the other breast, mamas don’t have to worry about your Elvie Curve falling off or being knocked off by a wriggling baby. 

Try as you might, baby, you won’t be able to kick this breast pump off. ?

Elvie Catch

Say “bye, bye” to breast pads

“This product is great! I have never used shells before and was getting through 4-5 sets of breast pads a day.”

If you’re looking for an alternative to disposable breast pads (which many users tend to leak through), Elvie Catch is the ideal product. Many of our mamas have said how much they wish they had Elvie Catch while adjusting to their baby’s needs – which would have saved a lot of wasted milk, while also saving on landfill created through breast pads. 

If you already have a freezer stash, breast milk has plenty of other uses – like breast milk baths, as a natural cure for any minor burns, scrapes, cuts, and even insect bites, or treating common conditions like nappy rash. 

Check them every three hours

“I found them great for catching any leaks over a three hour period. I was able to wear it comfortably in my bra without anyone noticing.” 

Even if you don’t experience heavy leakage, we advise you to remove your Elvie Catch every 2-3 hours, to allow the nipple to completely air-dry. When removing, it may help to lean forwards slightly.

If you’re out and about, they’re easier and quicker to wash with warm, soapy water than regular reusable breast pads. Your collection cups can then be sterilized for further use later by submerging in boiling water for five minutes, or steam and cold water sterilizing methods. 

Let them do the work 

“The idea is that it collects milk without doing any work. The product is extremely leak-proof and would be great for going out in public (while adding a subtle 'round' look to breasts!)”

Because every mother should be able to leave the house without worrying about leaks, we designed Elvie Catch with slip-proof silicone skirts to keep you leak-free and do the work for you. They’re ideal for mothers with heavy leaking, or for women early in their breastfeeding journey who have not yet established a feeding rhythm.