Published on 4th March 2016

Any sort of injury or pain will cause an emotionally instability leaving you feeling vulnerable. Injury and pain are both tiring and stressful. We cease to function efficiently, feel drained and often lack the emotional resources to support ourselves.

The Sanskrit word used for the area of the pelvic floor is called Mulha, it means root and we are encouraged to form a lock here and hold this area with awareness and strength. Yoga is an ancient practice and the exercises of lifting and relaxing these muscles are as much about meditation as the actual physical benefits.  

The benefits of meditation are widely known and, calming the mind and learning to relax whilst being active is how yoga works.

Often this is the hard bit for beginners; when we tighten our muscles we often tense our mind with the thought process, resulting in holding our breath, overthinking and wondering if we are doing things correctly.

When it comes to the pelvic floor we really don’t know if we are doing it correctly, which is why Elvie is amazing and will change everything. It’s the exercise of drawing up of the pelvic floor muscles in order to support the abdominals with the desire to support our self.

The abdomen is our centre and it is in this centre where we digest not just food, but also process tension and stress. It is where we feel a flutter of butterflies when someone catches our fancy. It’s where we have a gut reaction. It’s where we menstruate and create sexual energy. And finally, it is where we hold a baby. Our pelvic floor is quite an amazing centre and one we need to look after. Therefore it makes total sense to engage with our muscles in order to support ourselves.

Prevention against injury is an investment in ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The vital importance of good support from correct use of the pelvic floor muscles should not be limited to women who have had children; it’s an investment in oneself for long term health and improved wellbeing.

Elvie is an inspired and amazing device which everyone woman should give some attention to. It will enable them to be inspired, to hold themselves and to be the best woman they can be.

With love,

Lisa Askem

Yoga teacher and practitioner