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Elvie Catch

Catch every last drop of milk with leak-free confidence.

Slip-proof silicone skirt seal

Our unique slip-proof silicone skirts create a soft and gentle seal against your skin, giving you leak-free confidence while ensuring none of your liquid gold ever goes to waste.

Catch up to 1 oz between feeds

Worn comfortably for up to three hours, Elvie Catch collects 1 oz/30 ml of milk on each side. Once full, simply decant, rinse, then place back in-bra.

Easy-pour teardrop design

Easy-pour tear drop design makes decanting your milk, well, easy. Meanwhile, the raised nipple holes give you greater milk capacity.

Out of sight

Designed for the natural shape of a woman’s breast, our collection cups sit discreetly in your bra to collect milk as you go about your day. No one will ever know…

Replaces single-use breast pads

Elvie Catch is easy to clean and ideal to use time and time again. So you can ditch the single-use breast pads—saving your precious milk, and your pennies.

Get a load of these features

Reusable: Replace single-use breast pads and save money in the long run. 

1 oz/30 ml per cup: Raised nipple holes create additional space to collect milk and make decanting your milk easy. 

Easy to clean: The 2-part design makes it quick to assemble and easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. 

BPA free: Safe for mother and baby. Free from BPA and phthalates. 

What's in the box?

box contents
  • 2 Cups
  • 2 Silicone Skirts
  • Instructions for Use

90-day warranty on Elvie Catch. For complete information, see FAQs.

Your questions

Elvie Catch is designed to help keep you leak-free. It can be used between feeds to catch leaks, and is especially useful to women who experience heavy leaking, as well as new moms who have not yet established a feeding rhythm and are still in the ‘leaky’ phase. Elvie Catch are one size fits all, and have been tested on a range of different women to find the best comfort and fit.

We recommend removing your Elvie Catch every two to three hours, to allow the nipple to completely air-dry. Please note: Milk collected over extended periods and left at room temperature for too long should not be fed to your baby.

Like breast pads, Elvie Catch is designed to keep you leak-free. However, Elvie Catch is also reusable (a one-time investment) and allows you to save the milk you collect. They can hold up to 1oz / 30ml of milk, and this milk can be used to top up a feed, put in your baby’s bath, or used however you see fit - the milk is not wasted with Elvie Catch. Additionally, Elvie Catch is dishwasher safe and comfortable to wear for up to 3 hours at a time.

More questions? Read Elvie Catch FAQs ⟶