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Elvie Stride

Take pumping in your stride.

Smaller sizing options now available

When it comes to comfortable, efficient expression, a good fit makes all the difference. Made of a soft-silicone that's gentle on skin, Elvie Nipple Cushions slip inside your Breast Shields to enhance your fit. Available in three sizes (15 mm, 17 mm and 19 mm). Find your size and the right sizing option for you.

Woman wearing Elvie Stride next to an image of the app

You've got the power, mama.

Hospital-grade performance with app-connected control.

Ultimate connected control on-demand and hospital-grade suction in-bra. With our smart, specialized breastfeeding app, you can fully manage your pump without so much as tweaking your t-shirt. Go ahead, milk it for all its worth.


Elvie Stride creates suction up to -300 mmHG in a single cup set up, with both Stimulation and Expression modes, plus 10 intensity settings per mode. Oh yeah, talk nerdy to me.

"Love this pump. It's so gentle. Would recommend to all moms"

Elvie Stride User

Comfortable cups that don't weigh you down

Weighing less than 5 oz per cup, our breast pump feels lightweight and compact while you collect milk in-bra. The discreet silhouette looks natural under clothing, so you always hit your stride. With no dangling bottles, Elvie Stride is designed to keep your hands and body free to move.

Woman wearing Elvie Stride using the app settings to change intensity

Puts you in control

Checking a text? Nuh-uh, just flexing on mobile pumping. With our specialized breastfeeding Pump with Elvie app, you can control your pump remotely, adjust intensity settings and keep tabs on your pumping history, all from your phone.

"Best pump, EVER!! I love first of all how comfortable it is when wearing. It's lightweight and very easy to assemble"

Elvie Stride User

Powerful, yet ultra-quiet

Can it be mighty and mute? Pretty much. We combined a small, hospital-grade motor with top-spec noise reduction technology to bring you a pumping powerhouse that’s so quiet you can hear a milk drop. Talk about expression discretion.

Customise your Stride

This is the pump that knows you best— your breastie, if you will. Elvie Stride can be customized to remember you and your preferred settings. With 10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression mode, you can optimize your expression, all in total comfort. 

Get a load of these features

Pumping, insured

Great news. We partner with many medical suppliers that may work with your insurer to provide a free or low-cost Elvie Stride.

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24 hour customer service

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Free shipping

Enjoy free delivery on your Elvie Stride order.

2 year warranty

We're with you even after you purchase

Visit support to learn about our products, find helpful answers and explore how-to videos.

What's in the box?

box contents
  • 1 Hub
  • 2 Cup Fronts
  • 2 Cup Seals
  • 2 Breast Shields (24mm)
  • 2 Caps
  • 1 Tube Splitter
  • 2 Short Tubes (for the Cups)
  • 1 Long Tube (for the Hub)
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 Cover
  • 2 Valves
  • 2 Diaphragms
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • Instructions for Use

2-year warranty on the Hub and 90-day warranty on all other components and accessories. For complete warranty information, see our FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

Most insurance companies provide maternity products, including breast pumps.

To find out if you can get Elvie Stride through your insurer you can:

Every pump comes with a 24 mm Breast Shield attached to each Cup.

Depending on which version you have, you may also have 21 mm Breast Shields included in the box.

Packs of two 21 mm or 28 mm Breast Shields are also available to purchase.  

Our Breast Shields are sized based on the width of the base of your nipple. 

You can measure the width of the base of your nipple with a ruler. The Breast Shield sizes are as follows:

  • Base of nipple width between approximately 16 mm and 18 mm = 21 mm Breast Shield

  • Base of nipple width between approximately 18 mm and 21 mm = 24 mm Breast Shield

  • Base of nipple width between approximately 21 mm and 25 mm = 28 mm Breast Shield

The size of your nipples may change over the course of your breastfeeding journey, so please check them regularly.

We have an easy to follow guide on how to find the right Breast Shield size that lots of pump owners find helpful..some extra text.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are usually created with features like strong suction and unique expression technology. Elvie Stride delivers high maximum pressures of up to -300 mmHg* with 10 intensity settings in each of its stimulation and expression modes. This power is comparable with, and in some cases higher than other hospital-grade breast pumps.

Unlike some Hospital-grade breast pumps, Elvie Stride is a single user device only

*in a single cup set up  

Elvie Pump is our most advanced breast pump. It provides Elvie’s most sophisticated in-bra smart pumping technology.

It’s smaller, quieter and smarter than Elvie Stride. Being totally tube-free, it’s the option for ultimate discretion. It offers moms game-changing freedom to move and feel confident pumping anywhere they dare.

Elvie Stride offers moms discreet pumping, hands-free movement and smart app features. It also has hospital-grade performance.

Unlike Elvie Pump, there is a small Hub which sits outside of the bra. This can be clipped to a belt or clothing to keep your hand and body free to move.

More Questions? Read Elvie Stride FAQs ⟶