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Using the Pump with Elvie App

Woman checking her Pump with Elvie app on her phone

How can the Pump with Elvie app help me?

Connect to the Pump with Elvie app to control your pump remotely, adjust intensity settings, and keep tabs on your pumping history— without needing to reach into your bra.

Getting started is easy with complete in-app guidance. Plus, you can save your preferred pumping settings for a quick start every time.

Just one less thing to think about, mama.

Pump with Elvie screen displayed on a phone, showing their session history

Pump with Elvie features

In-app help

Follow step-by-step guides to help you use your app and find articles to help you get the best performance from your pump.

History tracking

The Pump with Elvie app keeps track of when you last pumped, so you don't have to worry about remembering. View your entire pumping history, including milk volumes.

Pump with Elvie app screen showing on a phone, showing the choice between intensity settings

Full remote control

Control your sessions, intensity, and pump remotely so there's no need to check your pump while it's in-bra.

Personalize your pumping settings

The Pump with Elvie app lets you personalize your intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression modes for total comfort. Pick an intensity that suits you and ensure your session always starts with your preferred settings.

Three Elvie pumps, placed facing each other to form a triangle. They are photographed from above on a dark purple background with a circular glow around the pumps. Neon rings appear to be emitting from each pump to symbolise the different pumping rhythms

Introducing SmartRhythm™*

*For Elvie Pump only

Pumping rhythms, like our SmartRhythm feature, control how your breast pump suctions against your nipple. Whether you need a gentle rhythm to help with sensitivity or trying to manage a heavier milk flow, SmartRhythm caters to your personal pumping needs. Choose between 3 new rhythms in the Pump with Elvie app.

Pumping Rhythm presets:

Animated image showing the Pump with Elvie app timing a session, and automatically switching between modes

Detect letdown*

*Elvie Pump only

Infrared sensors measure the amount of breast milk in the bottle, automatically switching from Stimulation to Expression mode when they detect letdown and pausing when your bottle is full.

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