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We empower women through radical female-first technology

“A product for the vagina? That's way too niche”

Investor reaction to Elvie Trainer in 2013.

*Fun fact: around 50% of people have vaginas

Our vital statistics


Of the most underfunded health conditions predominantly affect women.⁴


There are four men to every woman in the tech industry⁵

Men’s size fits all

From crash-test dummies to bullet proof vests (and even life saving drugs), too many of the things women rely on have been designed by and for men. And tech aimed at women is no different, often pandering to stereotypical or short-sighted ideas about what women actually want, rather than the insight-led, cutting edge tech they truly deserve. Until now.

Female-founded. Female-grounded.

Elvie is one of the original FemTech companies. Founded by Tania Boler, an internationally recognized women’s health expert, we've spent over 10 years developing cutting-edge tech and breaking societal taboos in order to level up women's lives.

"We need tech that finally puts women’s needs first. Afterall, why should we have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world?”

Tania Boler, Founder & CEO

Default female thinking

We place women at the heart of our design and engineering process. From conception to development, from testing to production, women are key to every step. By doing so, we are creating a parallel healthcare industry that is unashamedly female-first, with a stubborn focus on women's unique needs based on research and innovation, not assumption.

Respect women deserve

Ultimately, leveling up women's bodies and lives is about respect. For too long, we've been disrespected by dumb technology, under-researched healthcare, societal judgement and discriminatory government policy. We want to turn all that on its head to give women the means to prosper, succeed and lead like never before.

Respect without judgement

Although our core mission is to empower women, we believe that anybody who can use our products should feel empowered to use them, whether they identify as women or not.

Meet the Elvie fam

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Elvie founder, Tania Boler, meets the ambitious women leading the charge, who’ve had to develop 'Skin like a Rhino' to break old taboos and new ground. Taking in the thrills, realities, highs and lows of working to improve the lives of women everywhere, past, present and future.


Product depth vs. the top 5 best-selling electric breast pumps in the US, UK, Germany and France (Sales data from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022).


Acoustic testing in maximum expression mode vs. the top 15best-selling electric breast pumps in the US, UK, Germany and France (Sales data from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022). 


Number of app features available to control, monitor and track usage vs. the top 5 best-selling electric breast pumps in the US, UK, Germany and France (Sales data from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022). 

⁴Source: The 2023 Women In Tech Report by Skillsoft
⁵Source: Gender Disparity in Disease Funding by the US National Institutes of Health, Arthur A Mirin, July 2021