Breast Pumps and Feeding

Our range of breast pumps and feeding accessories fit in your bra, and your life. Your hands are kept free to seize the day—all while you pump away.

Electric Pump

Elvie Pump

Smallest¹. Quietest². Smartest³. The only Piezo-Powered™ wearable breast pump

From £269.00

Single and double options available

Electric Pump

Elvie Stride

Hospital-grade performance, now hands free

From £169.00
Single and double options available

Which breast pump is the right one for me?

Manual Pump

Elvie Curve

Capture bonus milk in-bra with hassle-free, one-press expression

From £34.99

Collection Cups

Elvie Catch

Catch every last drop of milk with leak-free confidence

From £19.99

Breast pump and feeding accessories

Stock up on accessories and spare parts (to stash at work, in your handbag or at home) so that you can pump anytime, anywhere.

New SmartRhythm™ for Elvie Pump

SmartRhythm™ pumping controls how your breast pump suctions against your nipple. Whether you need a gentle rhythm to help with sensitivity or you're trying to manage a heavier milk flow, SmartRhythm™ is customisable for your changing feed—all with optimised milk output in mind.

Manual or electric? Which pump is best for you?

Even if you’ve taken our pump quiz, sometimes choosing between doubles, singles, and silicone can feel pretty overwhelming. Read our detailed guide for even more info on finding the right fit for your feeding journey.

We’ve got your back (and your boobs)

We’ve got you covered, with support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, you can always contact us or scroll through our support section for troubleshooting and extra help.