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The Elvie breastfeeding family

We are family, I got all my gadgets with me

Helping hands for your feeding journey 

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#Elvie Pump

Fits In Your Bra, And Your Life

Our ultra-quiet, wearable electric breast pump is designed to discreetly slip inside your bra so you can confidently collect breast milk wherever, whenever.

Controlled through your phone for the most seamless experience, Elvie Pump is wire-free, hands-free, and hassle-free. Like pumping should be.

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#Elvie Curve

Hands-Free Expression, Naturally

If you’re feeding or pumping, or your breasts are just feeling full, the Elvie Curve can be worn on your other breast so you can express milk when you let-down.

Think of it as Elvie Pump’s very helpful little sister.

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#Elvie Catch

Stops Your Leaks, Not Your Day

Designed for breastfeeding and pumping mamas, Elvie Catch will prevent leaks as you go about your day.

Two slip-proof breastmilk collection cups are designed to give you total comfort and confidence—even if you experience heavy leakage.

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