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Elvie Curve

Hands-free expression, naturally

Use natural suction to gently express milk during let-down while feeding or pumping from your other breast. Small, compact, and securely worn in-bra, Elvie Curve is an ideal choice for managing your milk supply with next to no effort.


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Elvie Catch

Stops your leaks, not your day

A set of two breast milk collection cups with slip-proof silicone skirts designed for total comfort and confidence. Discreet and fuss-free, Elvie Catch is ideal for mothers with heavy leaking, or for women early in their breastfeeding journey who have not yet established a feeding rhythm.


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Elvie Pump

The world's first silent wearable breast pump. Fits in your bra, and your life.

Elvie Pump is truly hands-free and electric, for more efficient pumping. Small, lightweight and fitting discreetly in-bra, it's ideal for mothers returning to work, time poor mothers, and the mothers wanting a stash of milk.

$279.99 (Single) / $499.99 (Double)

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