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Strengthen your pelvic floor for fewer leaks within weeks.

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  • Fun five-minute workouts for your pelvic floor
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Bladder control issues are more common than hay fever*

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* 37% of women suffer from pelvic floor issues, allergic rhinitis only affects between 10% and 30% of all adults

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Loved by women, celebrities and health professionals worldwide

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    • I’ve had the kegel trainer for just over a week, and today is the first day I’ve been dry!
      — Jennifer, Washington
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    • I think Elvie will change women's lives.
      — Ava, Berlin
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    • I used the kegel trainer every day for two weeks and it’s so easy to fit into my hectic routine.
      — Margarita, Madrid
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Winner of thirteen design and innovation awards,
featured in over 1000 publications.
FDA registered.

Fight against the leakiest signs of ageing

Restore and tone your pelvic floor muscles for better bladder control, sensitivity, and overall intimate health.

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