Written by Jess Cheetham Published on 25th May 2021 Updated on 23rd May 2022

Let’s start by shouting with glee, “Hooray! Archie’s sister is here!” But if Meghan’s famous words from her trip to Africa are anything to go by, breastfeeding while balancing day-to-day obligations is stressful. And that’s putting it lightly, mamas. 

The good news is that we’ve hand-picked five products (and one breastfeeding collection) that can offer support during these first steps into motherhood. That way, you’ll have free hands (and headspace) to get through the day – whether it’s for tackling the weekly shop or tearing down the patriarchy. 

Elvie’s breastfeeding collection 

We’re big believers in anything that will positively impact women – especially if it means making a new mother’s life easier. That’s where the Elvie breastfeeding collection comes in, enabling you to seamlessly integrate breastfeeding and pumping into your everyday life. 

The ultimate multitasker,  Elvie Pump lets you pump on your own terms. As a quiet, wearable breast pump, Elvie Pump’s technology is smaller and lighter than traditional electric breast pumps, meaning it can comfortably fit in a standard nursing bra. Controlled remotely from your phone and offering a unique insight into your pumping history, it leaves your hands free to carry on with whatever they need or want to do (we won’t judge if that just means catching up on Netflix). So ditch the tubes and wires, mama. Because you’ve got too much on to be tied down. 

And Elvie now also has women’s backs at every stage of the breastfeeding journey – with Elvie Curve and Elvie Catch, the ideal companion for your Elvie Pump. Made for modern moms in mind, these two solutions are designed to help mothers manually pump, express, and collect milk efficiently and comfortably, offering extra support for every woman’s breastfeeding journey. 

Nike (M) 

Designed to support you on the ultra-, ultra-marathon we call motherhood, Nike’s four-piece collection is designed by mothers, for mothers. Putting comfort, support, and functionality first—without compromising on style– every piece grows with you, adapting as your body changes. That way, your pre-pregnancy size will see you from first bump to baby and beyond. We also recommend downloading the Nike apps, which offer support for questions you may have, movement myth-busting, and guides to keep you healthy and strong. 

Sebra breastfeeding pillow 

The whimsical ‘Daydream’ design by Sebra Interior may be described as “a curious tale of fantasy”,  but the reality is so, so much better: this ergonomically shaped nursing pillow is a must-have for cozy support while breastfeeding (and cuddling!). Not only that, but mothers-to-be with burgeoning bellies find it a real comfort in bed, especially during those last weeks before baby arrives. 

Kiehl’s Mom & Baby 

According to Meghan’s makeup artist, she loves to use Kiehl’s for a dewy glow – even when the nights are short (hello, 2AM feedings!). Well, their Mom & Baby line is ideal to nourish even the most delicate of skin – whether it’s to soothe breasts between feeds and preserve skin elasticity, or to give baby’s skin a little love. We really like the Mom & Baby Nurturing Baby Oil, the mild baby massage oil infused with Olive Fruit Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil, to moisturize and soften. 

Béaba baby milk warmer 

Where, oh where, to put expressed breast milk? Ideally, close to your partner so they can do their line share of feedings. And yes, you can quote us, if you want! ?  Naturally, it’s best to freeze and store milk for when you need it. But, to ensure that milk is safely at the right drinking temperature, there’s the innovative and compact Baby Milk Second Bottle Warmer, which takes the best features of baby bottle sterilization and warmers to combine them in one, ultra-quick system. With three temperature settings and even heat distribution, no (royal) kitchen should be without it.