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Elvie Catch FAQs

What is Elvie Catch and when should I use it?

Elvie Catch is a set of two breast milk collection cups with slip-proof silicone skirts designed for total comfort and confidence. Elvie Catch is ideal for mothers with heavy leaking, or for women early in their breastfeeding journey who have not yet established a feeding rhythm and are still in the 'leaky' phase. Simply place Elvie Catch in your nursing bra, with your nipple centred in the Nipple Hole, and make sure it's securely held in place, then continue with your day. Elvie Catch can be worn comfortably for up to three hours, and collected milk can be fed to your baby, used in their bath or disposed of.

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Elvie Catch

Two breast milk collection cups
with slip-proof security.

Stops your leaks, not your day.

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