How and when do I clean and sterilize Elvie Pump before using it for the first time?

The Hub: electronics care

Keep the hub dry

The Hub contains electronics which should be kept dry. A clean, damp cloth can be used to clean the Hub. The black semicircle on the base of the Hub monitors milk volume. Please keep this area dry and clear of residue. Any other cleaning method will be classed as misuse under the warranty.

Washable components

Washable parts

Cleaning washable components that come into contact with milk prevents the build up of dry milk residue, which can cause the growth of bacteria that may be harmful to you and your baby.

Before first use

You should clean and sterilize all washable components before first use.

Clean washable components

  1. Rinse in cold, clear water (approx 20°C / 68°F)

  2. Wash in warm water (approx 30°C / 86°F) using mild dishwashing soap and wipe afterwards with a clean cloth

  3. Rinse with cold, clear water (approx 20°C/ 68°F) for 10-15 seconds


Place on the top shelf of the dishwasher

Sterilize washable components

Boil in water for five minutes


Suitable for microwave, steam or cold water sterilizing methods. We do not recommend microwave or steam sterilizing for more than five minutes. You should always refer to the manufacturers instructions and please be aware that some steam and microwave sterilizers reach high temperatures which may risk warping plastic parts. We do not recommend ultraviolet sterilization.

Dry completely before assembly

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