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My Elvie Pump isn't turning on or isn't charging

If your Elvie Pump is not charging or turning on, please follow these steps: 

1) Please make sure you've unplugged Elvie Pump as it won't turn on when connected to the charger. 

2) Please take the charging cable provided and plug directly into the USB port of turned on laptop or desktop computer and leave to charge for half an hour. This is the most reliable power source and will rule out any plugs or extension cords as the cause of the issue. If you have another compatible USB cable, please also try this to rule out the cable as the cause of the issue (if you have a double Pump you can use the other USB cable provided).

 3) If there are no lights while charging or the Pump won't turn on Elvie Pump please contact us and as long as the Hub is within the two year warranty we'll dispatch a replacement to you.

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