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How should I store Elvie Pump over a long period of time?

Please use the Charging Cable provided to charge Elvie Pump before long-term storage and place out of direct sunlight. These measures will increase the lifespan of your Elvie Pump.

Please ensure you are on the latest version of the firmware. To check this; make sure your Pump(s) are fully charged, connect them to your phone and navigate to: Menu > Account > Your Pumps > Pump Info.

If your firmware version is lower than the latest version you'll see a red dot and the word 'upgrade'. Tap it to upgrade your Pump(s).

As of December 2020 the latest firmware version was 7.39.1

Your Elvie Pump contains a rechargeable battery. To preserve the battery, when not in use for an extended amount of time, it will automatically transition into storage mode. To remove from storage mode, plug the Charging Cable into your Elvie Pump and fully charge for 20 minutes.

The washable parts will require cleaning and drying before long-term storage and should be stored out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.

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