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How to get more milk

Elvie Curve can hold up to 4oz / 120ml of milk. How much milk you collect with Elvie Curve is a personal thing, as milk flow varies greatly between women. It can be impacted by where you are in your feeding journey, when you last fed and what you are doing at the time!

Please see below for some steps you can try:

Maintaining suction
Elvie Curve works best when re-squeezed every couple of minutes, although you might want to experiment with how much you squeeze / how often, to find a balance of pressure that works best for your body. That said, Elvie Curve is not a manual pump - so you should not need to press repeatedly to achieve a good level of suction

Nipple alignment
It's important that your nipple is place centrally, and is not too squashed, as this may impact the milk flow. Please try the following:
  1. Place your nipple in the center of the Nipple Hole. Once your nipple is aligned, please check to see if it is in contact with the inside front or sides of the Pouch. Try to position it to avoid this and retry
  2. Now press the Pouch - you should see the suction pulls the nipple further into the Pouch. Ensure it is still central and not in contact with the inside front or sides of the Pouch for best performance

Closed Valve

  1. Check that the Valve is clean, fully dry and free of debris
  2. Make sure that the Valve is not 'tucked' into itself (see image below)

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