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How to assemble and use Elvie Curve

To use Elvie Curve:

  1. Slot the Pouch into the Frame
  2. Place your nipple in the center of the Nipple Hole, so it feels comfortable and it’s not pushing against the inside of the Pouch
  3. Press the Pouch to create suction. If the suction generated feels uncomfortable, gently press the Valve to open it and release pressure
  4. Check your nipple is still central
  5. Position and pull your nursing bra over Elvie Curve. Keep it firmly pressed against your breast with no gaps
  6. If you feel the suction dropping, press the Pouch again to maintain suction and keep the milk flowing. You can do this through your bra. You may need to do this every couple of minutes – you’ll learn what works best for you!
  7. Be sure to keep an eye on the milk level to make sure it doesn’t overfill

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