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I'm not getting suction

How suction feels on your nipple varies from person to person. Customers have said that Elvie Curve suction feels different to other other silicone breast pumps they have used - but this does not mean it is less effective.

How to create suction:

  1. Place your nipple in the center of the Nipple Hole, so it feels comfortable and it’s not pushing against the inside of the Pouch
  2. Press the Pouch to create suction. If the suction generated feels uncomfortable, gently press the Valve to open it and release pressure. Check your nipple is still central
  3. Position and pull your nursing bra over Elvie Curve. Keep it firmly pressed against your breast with no gaps
  4. Squeeze the pouch again every couple of minutes to maintain suction (you can do this through your bra). You'll learn over time the frequency that works best for you!

What to do if you're not getting suction
To create suction, the nipple needs to be well aligned, and the Valve needs to be fully closed. Please try the steps below:

Nipple alignment

It's important that your nipple is placed centrally, and is not too squashed, as this may impact the milk flow. Please try the following:

  1. Place your nipple in the center of the Nipple Hole. Once your nipple is aligned, please check to see if it is in contact with the inside front or sides of the Pouch. Try to position it to avoid this and retry
  2. Now press the Pouch - you should see the suction pulls the nipple further into the Pouch. Ensure it is still central and not in contact with the inside front or sides of the Pouch for best performance
Closed Valve
  1. Check that the Valve is clean, fully dry and free of debris
  2. Make sure that the Valve is not 'tucked' into itself

If you are still struggling to create suction, please contact our Customer care team who will be happy to help

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