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How do I get the bottle release ring out?

You don’t need to remove the ring as part of regular cleaning of the hub, however, if milk has built up and you need to clean the bottle release ring or the surface underneath it, you’re able to remove that part.

If you need to clean under the release button itself, you may wish to use a damp cotton bud/ Q-Tip.

Please remember that only a clean, damp cloth should be used to clean under the bottle release ring, any other forms of cleaning the hub will void the warranty. 

To remove the bottle release ring:

  1. Remove the bottle by pressing the bottle release button.

  2. Hold the hub upside down, (the black semicircle on the base of the hub should face upwards) and ensure that the release button is facing away from you.

  3. Place the pads of your thumb inside of the ring at 3 o' clock and 9 o' clock and gently pull your thumbs away from each other.

  4. Push the ring slightly forwards, so that the side closest to you pops out.

  5. To reinsert, feed the button through the hole in the hub so that it protrudes and gently snap the remainder of the ring back in place.

Step One- Push Sideways

Step Two- Then push forwards.

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