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What is a pumping rhythm and how does it work?

A pumping rhythm controls how your pump suctions against your nipple. It tells your pump what timings it should follow and how it should apply pressure to your nipple before releasing it again.

How can using pumping rhythms help me?
You can use different pumping rhythms as your needs change through your pumping journey. For example, if you are feeling sensitive, you can choose the “slow and gentle” rhythm. Or, if you have a heavier let-down and milk flow, you can choose the “express and collect” rhythm which helps your pump manage a heavier milk flow.

I have Elvie Stride and I don't see SmartRhythm™ pumping on my app. What can I do?

SmartRhythm pumping is only available on Elvie Pump.

How do I choose a pumping rhythm?
You can choose the rhythm you want to use by tapping theA wiggly line is the rhythm selection symbolbutton on the control screen. From here, you can select one of the 3 new rhythms available for you. These rhythms are:
1. “Multi-Switch”
2. “Catch and Collect”
3. “Slow and gentle”.

The Elvie Original rhythm (“Single-switch”) is also available.

What can I expect when I use a pumping rhythm?
You may not be able to feel the difference between each pumping rhythm immediately, so we recommend you try a rhythm for at least 5 consecutive sessions to see the effect.

Once you have chosen your rhythm and pressed play, your pump will always start in stimulation mode. This is a faster speed to stimulate milk let-down. Elvie Pump will automatically switch to Expression mode after two minutes, or earlier if it detects your let-down. Expression mode is a slower pumping speed to keep milk flowing after your let-down.

To pump with a new rhythm you need to be connected to the app at the start of your session. You do not need to be connected during your session to keep using the rhythm you chose.

The multi-switch symbol is two arrows pointing in opposite directions, one above the otherWhat is “Multi-Switch”?
Multi-switch is a rhythm designed for power pumping, where the pump repeatedly cycles between Stimulation and Expression mode every few minutes. This rhythm follows set timings. It starts in Stimulation for 2 minutes, then moves to Expression for 7 minutes and then the pattern repeats. You will not be able to manually change mode in the app while. running this rhythm.

The Express and Collect symbol is a droplet falling into a cupWhat is “Express and Collect”?
Express and Collect is a rhythm designed for users with a heavy let-down. This rhythm helps the pump cope with a heavier milk flow. The pump will take a tiny pause for breath in between cycles, which gives more time for your milk to drain into your Bottles. In this rhythm, you can change between stimulation and expression mode whenever you like, using the A droplet symbol symbol.

A heart symbol is the Slow and Gentle iconWhat is “Slow and Gentle”?
Slow and gentle is a rhythm designed for pumpers who are feeling sensitive or need a lighter touch to stimulate let-down. The pump will suction more gently, and it will ramp up the intensity more slowly. In this rhythm, you can change between stimulation and expression mode whenever you like, using the A droplet symbol symbol.

How can I control intensity while using pumping rhythms? 

For every rhythm, Elvie Pump has 7 intensity levels for both Stimulation and Expression modes. When you increase the intensity level, two things happen:

  • The suction gets stronger

  • The pumping cycles get slower

When you decrease the intensity levels, the opposite happens.

  • The suction gets softer

  • The pumping cycles get faster

It may feel logical to use a setting which pumps faster, but if you aren’t getting enough suction to suit your needs, you may find you get better results using a stronger intensity setting, which will sound and feel slower. 

Please keep in mind that more suction does not always mean more milk.

While higher suction works for some women, it’s not universal. For some, higher suction can reduce milk volumes and cause discomfort and pain.

It’s important to experiment and find intensity settings that are right for you.

Can I set a different rhythm for each side?
If you are a double pumper, you will need to set your chosen rhythm on each of your pumps individually. You can choose to use different rhythms for each side if you want to.

Will my Elvie Pump remember what rhythm I selected during my last session?
Yes. If you select a rhythm, that rhythm will stay on your Pump until you choose to use a different one. Your chosen rhythm will stay on your pump even if you are not connected to the app for your next session.

How long will it take to choose a SmartRhythm™?
The first time you select theA wiggly line is the rhythm selection button in the “Pump with Elvie” app, it can take up to 20 seconds to load the list of rhythms available to you. You will need to keep your phone close to your Pump while this loading process happens.

The next time you select theA wiggly line is the rhythm selection icon button in the app, updating the SmartRhythm on your pump should take no more than a few seconds. You will need to keep your phone close to your Pump whenever you choose a new rhythm to put onto your Pump.   

SmartRhythmTM Troubleshooting FAQs

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