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Elvie Trainer is slipping out

The Elvie Trainer needs to be inserted approximately 1cm above the vaginal opening - if you tug the tail very gently, you should feel a slight resistance against the vaginal opening. It is normal that you will be able to feel Elvie Trainer inside. If you would like help with insertion, try some water-based lubricant.

1) If you haven't already, please try using Elvie Trainer with the optional cover. We recommend all women use Elvie Trainer both with and without the optional cover at first to decide which provides the most comfortable fit for them

2) Try changing position - if Elvie Trainer is slipping out, you might want to try lying down for a workout, and see if you notice a difference

3) You can hold Elvie Trainer at the base of the tail to help prevent it slipping out, however you should never need to be in an uncomfortable position to use Elvie Trainer

If you are still experiencing an issue after following the steps above, please contact customer care on and we will be happy to help.

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