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Elvie Trainer is uncomfortable

It is normal that you will be able to feel Elvie Trainer inside, but it should not feel uncomfortable. If you would like help with insertion, try some water-based lubricant.

Elvie Trainer needs to be inserted approximately 1cm above the vaginal opening - if you tug the tail very gently, you should feel a slight resistance against the vaginal opening.

We recommend that all women try Elvie Trainer with and without the optional cover to see what feels best. To use the optional cover, thread the tail of the Elvie Trainer through the hole in the optional cover.

Finally, we recommend trying Elvie Trainer standing and lying down, to see which works best for you.

If you experience pain or extreme discomfort during insertion or a workout please stop immediately and seek advice from your health professional. Please also contact us on if Elvie Trainer is not working as expected.

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