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I'm getting a message that my technique isn't right

When the pelvic floor muscles contract there is a small movement inwards and upwards. Elvie Trainer can detect when you are pushing down instead of lifting. Don't worry as this is quite common, although it is preferable if you can learn to lift correctly as pushing down may cause problems.

Visualization exercises such as Marble or Zip exercises (see 'How to exercise with Elvie Trainer') can help you learn the right muscle motion.

There also is a simple test you can do to check your technique. Lie on your back and insert one or two fingers into your vagina. If when you contract your pelvic floor your finger is being pushed out you are still pushing down instead of lifting.

If after 5-10 attempts, you still seem to be pushing down, then you may benefit from having a physiotherapist show you the right technique.

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