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The light on the carry case is not turning on

If the light is not turning on but you can connect Elvie Trainer to your phone that's ok, it simply means Elvie Trainer is fully charged.

If you can't connect and the light is not turning on, the most likely cause is that Elvie Trainer is charging incorrectly. Please charge Elvie Trainer again, making sure it is pushed firmly to the back of the carry case, with the optional cover removed. The tail should be on top and facing towards the USB port, as per the illustration below. Elvie Trainer needs to be charged horizontally on a flat surface - the light on the front of the carry case will come on until Elvie Trainer is fully charged, at which point it will turn off to indicate Elvie Trainer is ready to use.

If the light is still not turning on please contact customer care on and we'll be happy to help.

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