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My Elvie Trainer isn't charging

Place Elvie Trainer snugly into the carry case making sure it is pushed firmly to the back of the case - if you are using the optional cover please remove it before charging. The tail needs to be on top pointing towards the USB port, and the carry case needs to be horizontal on a flat surface as in the illustration below.

Close the case and use the cable provided to connect the carry case to a USB power source, such as your computer. The light on the front of the carry case will turn on until Elvie Trainer is fully charged.

If the light doesn't turn on, this could mean that Elvie Trainer is fully charged. Please try connecting to the app, and if successful, check the battery level from the 'Trainer info' section in the menu.

If you are still unable to charge your Elvie Trainer, please contact our customer care team at

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