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Elvie Trainer exercises

Set Targets
The very first exercise in each workout sets your targets. The challenges in the apps are adjusted based on these targets so your workouts are always personalised for you.

The Lift exercise is a standard pelvic floor exercise, as recommended by health authorities around the world. Develop core strength by squeezing and relaxing and as you improve you’ll be asked to squeeze for longer.

Pulse challenges your fast twitch muscles with quick squeezes. The number of targets you have to hit will increase as your agility develops.

Hold takes the Lift exercise to the next level. Build endurance by keeping the gem above the line for even longer with fewer relaxes.

Increase the pace of your Pulses to achieve the highest possible score on Speed. Skill and concentration are key.

Step brings together the skills you learn in the other exercises, plus some serious coordination.
Squeeze and relax at exactly the right time to hit all of the targets.

Want to know how strongly you can squeeze? This is the exercise that tells you just that!

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