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How do I assemble Elvie Stride?

Before you assemble your pump, make sure that the relevant parts have been cleaned and sanitized

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching Elvie Stride and its components. You should avoid touching the inside of the Cup Front and Breast Shield. 

To assemble your pump:

1. Start by making sure that all the parts are completely dry, especially the Diaphragm

2. Slide the Hub into the Cover making sure the hole for the Hub Connector is aligned with the hole in the Cover

3. Push the short end of the Clip through the slot and pull it through

4. Push the Hub Connector firmly into the Hub making sure that it is fully inserted

5. Push the Valve into the Breast Shield. Once you have pushed the Valve in, take care not to twist it or move it. Milk can pool in the Nipple Tunnel if the Valve is twisted

6. Use your fingers to work the Diaphragm rim over the Breast Shield lip. Take a moment to check the Diaphragm is sitting flush and is on securely

7. If you have removed the Cup Seal, put it back on. Stretch it over the outer rim of the Cup Front with the ridges facing outwards. Press along the groove, checking that it is snugly in place all the way around

8. Centre the arrow on the top of the Breast Shield between the two alignment lines on the Cup Front

9. Now push them together

10. Check there is a good seal all the way around

11. Check there are no gaps and that the Cup Seal is fully covered by the frosted lip of the Breast Shield

12. Check that the Diaphragm is completely dry. This will avoid moisture being sucked into the Hub

13. Push the Cap into the Cup Front

14. You can turn the Cap when it's in place to get the most comfortable and discreet fit

If the Diaphragm is not pushed on properly, you might find that:

  • You can’t get the Cup Front and Breast Shield to push together

  • You can see the Cup Seal above the frosted lip

If this happens, please remove the Diaphragm from the Breast Shield and push it on again.

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