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How do I finish a pumping session?

When you’re ready to finish your session, you should do the following:

1. Lean forwards for two seconds and press the Play/ Pause button on the Hub to stop pumping. Leaning forwards helps milk drain from the Nipple Tunnel into the Cup

2. Turn your pump off by pressing and holding the Power button

3. Unclip your bra and use your finger to gently break the seal between the Cup and your breast

4. Remove the Cup from your bra

5. Hold upright and remove the Cap from the Cup

6. You can lay the Cup flat on a dry surface with the Nipple Tunnel facing up

7. Unplug and rotate the stopper in the Cup

8. Pour your milk into a sealed container through the side of the Pour Hole

9. Clean and sanitize the relevant parts

Please make sure that you store your milk safely

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