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How do I change the intensity settings of my Elvie Stride?

Your pump has two modes, Stimulation mode and Expression mode.

Within each mode, there are 10 different intensity settings. These change how much suction there is on your nipples. 

The settings help you to personalize your pump so it feels comfortable and works efficiently in both modes. 

Your pump will start in Stimulation mode and switch to Expression mode after two minutes. 

You can adjust the intensity setting in each mode by using the + and - buttons on the hub while you’re expressing. 

The Intensity Lights on the Hub light up to show which setting you’re using. 

Please keep in mind that a high intensity setting does not always mean a higher volume of milk. Putting your nipple under lots of stress, or pumping if you’re in pain can reduce your milk production. 

You can save your preferred intensity settings for both Stimulation and Expression mode by using the Personalize feature in the Pump with Elvie app.

When you have chosen and successfully saved your intensity settings in the app, start a session using the app.

This will save your chosen intensity settings and they will be ready for you next time.

This will save you having to make adjustments every time you use your pump.

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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