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What level of suction can I expect from Elvie Stride?

Elvie Stride has a similar range of suction to other pumps on the market. It has 10 different intensity settings which means you can tailor it to be just right for you.

When you use a higher intensity two things happen:

  • The suction gets stronger

  • The pumping cycles get slower

When you use a lower intensity setting the opposite happens:

  • The suction reduces

  • The pumping cycles get faster

While it might seem logical, using a higher setting might not always produce more milk. 

While some women find that stronger suction is the best thing for their milk output, others find that faster cycles really get things moving. 

It’s best to experiment to find what works for you.

Please keep in mind that pumping beyond a setting that is comfortable for you is likely to have a negative impact on milk production. If suction strength is your thing, always make sure you're within a range that is comfortable.

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