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How do I take Elvie Stride apart?

You’ll need to take your pump apart regularly to clean and sanitize it. 

It’s important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching Elvie Stride, its components or your breasts. You should avoid touching the inside of the Cup Front and Breast Shield. 

When you’re taking your pump apart, start by removing the Cap.

Along with the Hub and the Tubes, the Cap should be placed on a dry surface and kept away from water.

To take the Cup apart:

1. Using the Finger Grips, pull the Cup Front away from the Breast Shield. There is a strong seal between the Cup Front and Breast Shield. This means that it can take a firm, controlled pull to separate them

2. Pull the Valve and Diaphragm out of the Breast Shield

Once you have disassembled your Cup, you may want to clean and sanitize these parts:

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