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What should I do if I fill a Cup with milk during a session?

Each Cup has a handy fill line. It’s a good idea to use this to check how full a Cup is during a session.

If you notice that a Cup is full, you should pause your session and decant. If you continue to express when a Cup is full, your pump could start to leak.

To decant your milk during a session:

  1. Pause your session by leaning forwards for two seconds and pressing the Play/ Pause button

  2. Unclip your bra if you need to and break the seal between the Cup and your breast using a fingertip

  3. Take the Cup out of your bra and remove the Cap. Avoid getting any milk on the Cap

  4. When a Cup is full it must be held upright, or laid on a flat, dry surface temporarily to prevent any milk loss

  5. Hold the Cup upright and then unplug and rotate the Stopper

  6. Pour the milk out through the side of the Pour Hole into a sealed container

  7. Check that the Diaphragm and Cap are both completely dry

  8. Push the Cap back into the Cup

To resume your session:

  1. Lean forwards and position the Cup back on your breast

  2. Check the alignment by looking through the Pour Hole

  3. Close the Pour Hole using the stopper

  4. Use your bra to secure your pump firmly against your breast

  5. When you’re ready, press the Play/Pause button

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