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How do I put Elvie Stride on?

Before you start, please make sure you have cleaned and sanitized your Elvie Stride.

You will also need to ensure that you’re using a Breast Shield size that works for you. 

Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching Elvie Stride, its components or your breasts. You should avoid touching the inside of the Cup Front and Breast Shield

1. Remove the Cap from the Cup

2. If you want to, you can slide the Tubes under your clothes

3. Take a moment to check that the tubes are not kinked or pinched

4. Push the Cap back onto the Cup

5. Put one of your hands under one of your breasts and bend forwards

6. Bring the Cup to your breast paying attention to the direction of your nipple

7. You can use the markings on the Breast Shield to help align your nipple while you’re putting the Cup on

8. Now straighten your back while holding the Cup in place

9. When the Cup is on, you can check your nipple alignment by removing the Stopper and adjusting so that your nipple sits in the middle of the Nipple Tunnel. Just remember to replace the Stopper before you start to express

10. Use your bra to secure your breast and the Cup. Check that the Cup is firmly pressed against your breast

11. If you have a second Cup, repeat this process on your other breast

12. Check that the Tubes are not kinked or pinched flat

13. Make sure the Hub Connector is plugged into the Hub

14. If you want to attach the Hub to your clothes, you can use the Cover and Clip to do this.

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