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How do I express with Elvie Stride?

Before you start, please make sure you have cleaned and sanitized your Elvie Stride.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching Elvie Stride, its components or your breasts. You should avoid touching the inside of the Cup Front and Breast Shield. 

To follow this guided session, you will need to be wearing your Elvie Stride.

1. Start by making sure your pump is charged. You can do this by pressing and holding the Mode button before you turn your pump on

2. Now double check the Cup’s alignment on your breast. To do this, open the Pour Hole and look down it. Just remember to replace the Stopper

3. Press the Power button to turn your pump on

4. The Intensity Lights will begin to flash. They will show you the intensity setting Stimulation mode will start on

5. Press the Play/ Pause button to start expressing

6. Your pump starts in Stimulation mode. It switches to Expression mode after two minutes. You can also change modes in the app or on the Hub using the Mode button

7. You can use the + and - buttons to tailor the intensity of both modes. The intensity lights on the Hub will show your chosen setting

8. To finish your session, lean forwards for two seconds and press the Play/ Pause button on the Hub to stop pumping. Leaning forwards helps milk drain from the Nipple Tunnels into the Cups

9. Turn your pump off by pressing and holding the Power button

10. Unclip your bra and use your finger to gently break the seal between the Cup and your breast

11. Remove the Cup from your bra

12. Remove the Cap from the Cup. Avoid getting any milk on the Cap

13. If you need to, you can temporarily lay the Cup flat on a dry surface with the Nipple Tunnel facing up

14. To decant, hold upright and then unplug and rotate the stopper in the Cup

15. Pour your milk into a sealed container through the side of the Pour Hole

16. Clean and sanitize the relevant parts 

Please make sure that you store your milk safely

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